5 Simple Ways for MLA Paraphrasing

To avoid plagiarism, you need to give credit to the original ideas of the author. You need to give credit to the original source of the text and this is important when you are making paraphrasing. When you paraphrase, you need to restate the ideas using different words.


MLA Paraphrasing Top Tips

MLA is known as Modern Language Association and for MLA paraphrasing, you need to identify the source of the ideas and provide the full information in your works cited list at the end of your paper. With this kind of paraphrasing essay, parenthetical documentation must be applied. It is used in identifying source of the details you have borrowed.

  • Read the whole text and take notes about the main ideas and key points
  • Summarize the text using your own words by presenting the main idea
  • Make sure to support points
  • Consider phrases or words that you believe needs to be quoted directly
  • In MLA paraphrase, you need to cite the source properly in your paper. If your reader wants to get the details they will just check your works cited list.

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More Important Tips For MLA Paraphrase

  • Place the citation at the end of paraphrase but before period
  • List the author’s last name after open parenthetical mark
  • List page numbers and then close with parenthetical mark.
  • When mentioning the name of the author, you need to cite the page numbers

It is not easy to paraphrase the way you think it. The truth is that it is difficult because you need to be cautious and be careful in using words. You need also to use a new structure because copying the same structure of the paper means plagiarism. There are things you can do but when you are not 100% that it is right, it is better when you follow the tips above.

The tips above are the simple ways for MLA paraphrasing. It is just that you need time when you are not that good at paraphrasing. Be sure to understand and know what you are doing for a great and successful paraphrasing in MLA. Follow the tips above and achieve the success in paraphrasing.

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