Best Approaches to Text Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is restating others ideas by using different words. It involves rewriting by ensuring that you will not change the meaning of the article, essay or paragraph. You can only have a successful paraphrasing when you perfect have great interpretation or explanations of the original text. (You can always count on rewriting service for students – the best solution to avoid the repeating of the original writing and to check your text for the presence of plagiarism issues.)


Tips for Text Paraphrasing

Many students find text paraphrasing as a difficult task for the reason that they do not know what they should do but after you read these tips, you will be confident that you are doing the right thing and do not worry about plagiarism.

  • Read text carefully: It is important to read the text for multiple times. You need to check the terms that you do not understand to make sure you understand the meaning. It is better when you have a dictionary with you.
  • Know the keywords and main ideas: Be sure you able to identify the main ideas and key words in the text. After this, you need to write it using your own words.
  • Verbs in describing the author’s attitude: Think of what verbs you can use in describing the attitude of the author. This is necessary to determine how your essay will flow.
  • Think of phrases and words: Make sure to think of phrases and words you need to use in writing. You can spend time thinking the right words and use it with your article.
  • Draft a summary: The time you are done thinking of phrases and words you will use, and then start writing a draft.
  • Re-read: When you write your first draft, reread the original source. Compare what you have written in the original text and check if you properly retain the meaning.

Effective Paraphrase Text

You can only have an effective paraphrase text when you have the best approaches. Above, it is the things you need to check out and remember. When you effectively used different words, get the main ideas and think of right phrases, then you will avoid plagiarism paraphrasing.

Paraphrasing is tiring because you need to read the text several times and understand it but the time you fully understand the source, you can begin to paraphrase with the use of your own words.

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