Best Tips on How to Paraphrase a Quote

Paraphrasing paragraph is a useful way in providing support by presenting new and important details from a source with new words. It is also important to keep the meaning point and arguments to make sure you are presenting the article in the same way but only using different words.


How To Paraphrase A Quote Tips

Quoting directly from original sources is essential when you are using right and different words. Paraphrasing a quote is useful when it contains data, statistics or facts. You do not need to quote in showing important data directly. Additionally, quoting is useful when you cite words correctly.

  • Read original quote: It is important to read the quote carefully. The quote should not be more than 2 to 3 sentences and take time to absorb the meaning. Get the meaning and understand it clearly, then you are not ready to move to another step.
  • Take notes: When you are reading the quote, make sure to get the main ideas. Take note about the main argument.
  • Rewrite the original words: With the use of your notes, start paraphrasing by using your own words. Be sure that you will not mix up the language. Also, ensure that you are using new structure and avoid substituting different words or keeping same structure.

For successful paraphrase quotes, you can rely with thesaurus when you are stuck in finding different words. Use different words with the same meaning to avoid changing the meaning of the text. When you are finished paraphrasing the quote, read it aloud.

Things To Consider With Paraphrase Quotes

When you are finished paraphrasing you need to check the passage of words as well as the structure. You need to make sure that the two are different to avoid plagiarism. Your writing should sound like you and you can do this by conveying the main ideas with new vocabulary. You should remember not to change your paraphrase or else you will lose the meaning of the text.

Try using this paraphrasing tool online for quality rewording!

When it comes to paraphrase, you need to be careful. You need to use different words with the same meaning. If there are words you do not understand, check the dictionary. If you are ready for the task, then start today!

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