Top 5 Tips For Paraphrasing a Paragraph

Paraphrasing would be a tough task for novice people who do not have ideas about paraphrasing APA. It will also be tougher if the source has advanced and difficult content. With that in mind, you need to spend much time but you will not much struggle when you take paraphrasing step-by-step.


Paraphrasing A Paragraph: The Right Way

Paraphrasing is not all about getting the meaning but ensuring that you able communicate the ideas in a concise and clear way. You need to make sure you are conveying the same meaning just like what the original author did. Here is what you need to do!

  • It is necessary that you think of new sentence structure
  • Use different vocabulary
  • Change the words

Try this sentence rephraser for proper paper structure!

Note: Here are the essential things you should remember. It will be your key to be successful and impress your reader.

Paragraph Rephrase: Best Tips

In paraphrasing, you can still commit plagiarism when you are not doing the right thing. To avoid this, this page will present the best tips in making a new set of article with the same meaning. This page will reveal what you need to do,

  • Change the structure of the article
  • Get only the main concepts and ideas of the original source. You need to read the article, get the main ideas with the use of new words. Avoid copying the entire sentence.
  • Put away the original text so that you will not see it
  • The time you read the text, start to write
  • You can only make effective paraphrasing when you clearly understand the text

Note: When you are done writing, get the original text and compare it to what you have written. Check if there are the same words you use and see if you do not leave important details. It is easy to tell when you copied others ideas by using a plagiarism checker. If you want to satisfy and impress your reader, use your own words even though you are only paraphrasing. You need to change the words to make a new article.  Start to paraphrase the original text now by following the tips mentioned above.


Paraphrasing a paragraph can be a tough thing. Learn more about it.

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