How to Paraphrase a Paragraph

How To Paraphrase a Paragraph of Regular Information

When figuring out how to paraphrase a paragraph, authors need to make sure to jot down all of the important points so that they don’t loose anything in the transition. Those who paraphrase a paragraph will want to keep all the information succinct. If you want to learn how to paraphrase a paragraph, you need to recognize the various situations where you might do that. Those who ask to paraphrase my paragraph might have to copy prose for different reasons. Those who focus on notes won’t paraphrase paragraph text in the same way that someone rewriting an article will.


How to Paraphrase a Paragraph in a Notes Sheet

If you have to paraphrase paragraph writing in a notes sheet, you may want to reduce it to simple bullet points. The sort of work that people do to paraphrase paragraphs in this situation is often informal. There’s no reason to go overboard if it’s not a graded assignment. If it is a graded assignment, you’ll probably have to follow a specific style guide. You’ll naturally need to remember to site sources or you’ll probably be marked down for neglecting this. Some editors expect you to mention the author of the work that you were using.

How To Paraphrase a Paragraph in Formal Writing

Some organizations employ rewrite crews en masse. That has sort of changed the way that people paraphrase paragraphs. If you have to maintain a certain word count, this can be hard. Avoid making lots of run on sentences to preserve the original structure. This is easier if you are allowed to break up the number of sentences. Proper use of compound conjunctions will help otherwise. Don’t use commas unnecessarily if you can avoid it, however.

Paragraph Tips from

Those learning how to paraphrase a paragraph for the first time will probably struggle with finding their own voice. Different publications want to project their own editorial image. That’s why professional paraphraser who paraphrases a paragraph is so careful to write things in their own voice. Practicing by going through with the work instead of asking someone to paraphrase my paragraph will really help you to find a voice.


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