How to Paraphrase a Poem

Paraphrase a Poem to Uncover Its Hidden Meaning

paraphrase a poem onlineThose who take classes in verse will paraphrase a poem occasionally. Those who take the time to paraphrase poems and write them in their own words will understand them better.


If you want to paraphrase a poem, you probably want to understand what it’s saying. You might also want to show comprehension. People paraphrase poems to teach others what they think a piece of verse means. That makes this a useful teaching tool as well.

Teachers Paraphrase a Poem

When instructors paraphrase a poem they probably want to use the resultant text as a teaching tool. Of course, students might be asked to produce their own text in a similar situation. In either case, it makes sense to look at an illustration of a poem paraphrase. Take the following piece of verse for example.

Students Paraphrase a Poem

Beyond the vast Peruvian realms, whose wealth supports the Iberian throne and freights whole fleets to Europe’s hostile strand, a wondrous ridge of cumbrous hills, vast, huge and piled abrupt, ascend above the clouds and bound the view from sky to sky aloft bleak winter holds eternal reign and from the mountain’s brow, all covered over with ice and white snow.

Those who paraphrase poem material might sum that verse down to a few sentences. For instance, they could say, “The wealth of Peru used to support Spain. There was more to the Incan civilization to that, however. The geography was certainly notable.” for Verse

Those who need help with paraphrase poem assignments should take a look at tips similar to those offered here. A poem paraphrase shouldn’t be difficult. However, some people are unused to reading poetic verse. Those who aren’t are probably stuck on the idea that Elizabethan English, in particular, is problematic.

It really shouldn’t be. Renaissance authors weren’t much different from modern ones. People haven’t changed as much as people think they have. Once you realize this, it’s much easier to sum down run of the mill poetry. People always have the same wants and needs no matter which century it is.

 Paraphrase a poem and you`ll understand them better!

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