How to Paraphrase Essay within an Hour

Paraphrase is a restatement of the original author’s ideas and transforming it to new words. It is a translation of the author’s ideas into a new story. It is true that paraphrasing needs time and huge efforts, but with the best essay paraphrasing tool, it’s a lot easier than it seems! Check out the solution you need if you are busy and don’t have much time:


Paraphrase Essay within an Hour

Even though you do not have experience in paraphrasing or this is your first time to paraphrase, no need to worry because there are steps you can follow. It is your one stop solution for your paraphrasing needs to make new paper with the same meaning:

  • Use different vocabulary: You will not have a hard time in essay paraphrasing when you understand it and use different vocabulary. Check the words and make sure to use new words with same meaning. This methods is easy just be sure that the words you use are the right ones.
  • Order of the words: Changing the order of the words of the essay is safer than thinking of synonyms with same meaning. If you are not much familiar with words, then this method is perfect for you. On the other hand, you need to decide which words will you move and change. You need to know which words you will cut to make new sentences that are grammatically correct.
  • Different grammar: When it comes to grammar, it is hard but it is easy compared to changing vocabulary. When you make mistakes with grammar, your reader can still understand the meaning but when you change the words and use the wrong one, you will only confuse the reader.

There are things you can do to paraphrase an essay within one hour:

  • Before you start to paraphrase quotes, make sure you will read the essay.
  • Understanding the essay is important to get the main point and the meaning. Failure to understand the essay can lead to mistakes such as presenting essay with different meaning.
  • Finally, paraphrasing within one hour is a big help on your part especially when you have lots things to do or you are busy. You can easily paraphrase the essay by reading and understanding it first and then start to write by changing the order of words, using new words or using different grammar.

Make sure you know how to paraphrase essay in the best way with our helpful tips to follow or check out more!

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