How to Write a Paraphrase

How to Write a Paraphrase of Important Information

Those who are just now learning how to write a paraphrase might have fallen behind. Picking up a few tips on the different ways to write a paraphrase can be really useful.


If you have to learn how to write a paraphrase, you need to take a step back and think about what the most important aspects of your source material are. There are probably some situations where you don’t know what information is just filler. Lots of publishers use filler to take up space, and when you sit down to write a paraphrase it can be hard to distinguish what sort of stuff is necessary.

How to Write a Paraphrase of Data

When this happens, look for numbers. If there are hard facts in a piece of writing, thy should probably show up once again when you write paraphrase text based on the source material. Hard numbers are usually put there for a reason. If you have to write a paraphrase, you might want to look at charts or photographs that accompany the text as well.

How to write a Paraphrase of Figures

How to write a paraphrase of numerical information is slightly less intuitive of other manners of writing. For instance, some people might have to change dates or statistics into a paragraph. Those who have to write a paraphrase of this sort of thing will have to pose things in a new textual form. For instance if someone had to write paraphrase text about commercial fishing ventures they might say, “Boats in that region were able to fish about twenty tons annually during the first half of the twentieth century.” That sort of information might only have been available in a table previously. without Filler

Regardless of what your required word count is, when you sit down to write paraphrase material you need to separate the grain from the chaff. If you find that some writers drone on for long periods of time, you might find yourself skipping sections. Good skimming skills will help you write paraphrase material based on the work. Otherwise, if you just skip without reading you’ll probably miss something they threw in the work.

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