Paraphrasing APA: Step by Step

Paraphrasing is rewriting the original text into another one but ensuring that the meaning will be retained. It is important that paraphrase should be attributed to the original source. In fact, text paraphrasing is shorter than the original source.


Paraphrasing APA Tips

APA writing style was made by American Psychological Association consisting guides and rules for formatting essays, articles and journals. In paraphrasing APA, here are important things you should remember.

  • When mentioning names: Write out your paragraph or sentence and make sure you are not using exact quote because professional paraphrasing is only a summary of the text using different words. Be sure to place your cursor where you mention the authors’ name. Be sure to add year of publication in parenthesis.
  • When not mentioning names: Be sure not to include direct quotations. Add the last name of the author, the page number where you found the information.

Paraphrasing APA Formatting

  • List resources which you have referred and not those you consulted
  • Put a page of reference at the end of your paper in a separate page
  • Be sure to use the author’s name and don’t alphabetize multiple authors
  • Invert author’s names and it is required to put only initials for first as well as middle names
  • Use commas in separating authors and ampersand for last author if you have more than three authors

APA Paraphrase Quick Tips

  • When it comes to in-text citation, it must be clearly point the specific source in the references
  • References and in-text citations list work together

Keep in mind that in-text citation is a reference that will enable the reader in identifying the source of ideas in an easy and quick way. In addition, it is important to know whether you need to mention the name of the author or not. Check if the source has page number and check for other things.

Paraphrasing in APA style is somewhat harder than just a plain paraphrasing but because if the tips above, you should not worry. In paraphrasing, using different words is essential and a must to avoid plagiarism. Begin to paraphrase the text and meet your needs today!

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